AsmrTap Comment Policy

AsmrTap Comment Policy:

To be able to fully enjoy Asmr Videos and maintain maximum chill for tingles, we would like to keep a very laid back approach to our policy on comments on AsmrTap. Everyone who browses the internet should be aware that the comment section can be a positive environment or full of toxicity. To always expect one of these to be the case would be silly. Our advice is to just ignore the trolls and to try to keep the vibes positive by posting nice or constructive comments. With that being said, users who plan to comment must adhere to the few major rules for commenting in our Asmr website.

Comments that will not be allowed:

• Any comment promoting your own product, blog, or brand.

• Racism, homophobia, sexism, or any hate speech.

• Threats against Asmr Artists, other users, or anyone in the asmr community. It does not matter how vague the threat is.

• Do not share private information in the comment section.

• Do not impersonate other users, commenters, or anyone in the asmr community.

• Spam will not be permitted.

• Do not link/show anything with Overly explicit images/videos/gifs which include: nudity,hentai,excessive gore, and any other explicit images.

• Do not spoil movies, television, or any other form of media with that contain a storyline and/or a plot.

Asmrtap and the Admins maintain the power to decide if any user is breaking the rules in committing any of the actions listed above under comments that will not be allowed. Enforcement of the comment rules listed above depends on the severity of the infraction(s).

If you got this far down into our Comment Policy, AsmrTap would like to thank you for your commitment in keeping our Asmr community a wholesome environment. Thank you and Enjoy!